Persona 4 Outside Yukiko Castle

Yukiko's Castle

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Jonesy: Who are you?

Scott: .......?!

Yu: Who.. are you people...?

So that's why they enter this world and met somebodies from other counties. Soon as possible they will been.

Later at the Castle, a young mysterious girl who wants to help and free. but, she didn't see them. she decide to sing loud with her beautiful voice. But, the guard says...

Unknown guard: Hey, Be quiet!

Later, they open the cage door and saw a mysterious man come near her. He's evil smile on her...

???: Hello there...


Unknown world

Back at the Unreal city, they all introduces themselves.

Jen: who are you people?

Rise: I was about to ask you the same question...

Jude: ok...what two plus two?

(Jen facepalm)

Yosuke: four...

Jude: oh!

Jonesy near Yukiko and talk...

Jonesy: Hey sweetie name Jonesy... what's your name?

Yukiko was nervous and Chie kicks his nuts!

(*Kicking Jonesy nuts*)

Jonesy: Owwwhh!!! hey what did i do to you?!

Chie: Zip it sicko!?

Kanji: good one!

Catilin: how did you get here?

Naoto: We just got here for long time and we didn't live except Teddie...

Teddie: Hi There!

Jude: Talking teddy Bear! Come to life! (scared)

Nikki: Ok... That's weird.

Teddie: You all never see me before.

Jen: Wait a min, but my home country at Galleria mall. Some Japanese chef looks normal and you guys...look different!

Wyatt: Maybe...other world!

Yosuke: I know...It could be another demision.

Jonesy: Okay we just wanna go home! this place is giving me creeps!

Nikki: Aww what the matter are you afaird of---

Jonesy: Shut up!

Scott: I don't know how did you come from...But we need our help.

Jonesy: Help! what Help!

Yu: What kind a help...?

Jude: Because we need to way out this place...

Scott: No because we need to find a girl.

Jonesy: What! you gonna be kidding!

Jude: I wanna go home,man...

Caltlin: I want my mommy....

Chie: Come down you sezzy!

Yu: What she look like?

Scott: We haven't met her and only if we can heard her voice say "Help"

Yu: "Help?" ...That the same we heard her voice too.

Scott: Great! we Should all Teamwork.

Yu accepts him. But,Yosuke ask Yu about them.

Yosuke: Yu,I don't think we can trust them...

Yu: Why not?

Yosuke: Because they would be a shadows.

But Jonesy heard him.

Jonesy: Hey buddy I can heard you!

Yosuke: Screw you!!?

Jonesy had to start to fight him. But, Jen stop him.

Jen: Hey Take it easy!

Naoto: Maybe we should work together...

Jonesy: Sure,Whatever little boy!

Naoto: I'm not a boy...

Jonesy realize Naoto is a girl (but her friends already know!) and Eliza giggles.

Eliza: *Chuckles* cute...

....And makes Naoto shy. So Team Yu and Team Scott are ready to search. Back at the castle, a Mystery girl was still singing.

Unknown Guard: Well you STOP SINGING!!!?

Mystery Girl: (after Sing)Please...Help me... (talk to someone who reacue)

To be continued...