Yukiko's Castle (formerly)

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After he fights, They found the safe place and Kanji put Yu on the bed. Eliza check his head and he still didn't wake up.

Eliza: Guys I think Yu has imaging something...

Yosuke: Something like what?!

Eliza: He Something about himself...

Nikki: what are you kidding me.

Scott: Hmm...Eliza, I'm gonna enter his mind.

Kanji: But, How the hell did you do that?

Scott: Easy,When I was sleep and enter his mind.

Caitlin: If the Shadows came us. But,ok! make a quick...

Rise: Be carefull yourself...

So Scott decide to enter Yu's mind.

Eliza: Are you sure about this?

Scott: I'm Sure.But, I'll be orait. Come on lets go...

Yosuke: Where? we surrored by Sh--

Scott: I mean Entering yu mind!

Yukiko: I hope Yu be all right...

So Scott Fall asleep and entering Yu mind. Later,Scott and Eliza arrived at unknown with many low fog.

Scott: Yu...where are you?

Eliza: I thing I can him!

They ran to him. But, Yu saw someone. Someone he never had a evil shadow self.

Yu: Don't near me...

Scott: It something wrong.?

???: I know something wrong with him...

A Strange Shadow appear. he look just like Yu same as his friends shadows.

Shadow Yu: ..or Something wrong with me.